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Is there any difference between Giclée prints and canvas prints?

According to Wikipedia Giclée printing means inkjet printing.  

The term Giclée was coined by Jack Duganne in 1991. It originally applied to fine art prints which were done on Iris printers, but it has since come to mean any print done on an inkjet printer. Although printers, galleries and artists use the term Giclée to imply “fine art printing”, there is no guarantee of quality that goes with the word. The truth is anyone who does inkjet printing (including Eziprint) technically does Giclée printing.

A Giclée canvas print ideally should be a print that is done on high quality canvas (usually pure cotton not polycotton). It is done with an inkjet printer. The resolution should be high. The inks should be good quality and fade resistant. (Eziprint does canvas prints that meet all of these criteria). Put simply, a Giclée canvas print is a high quality print using the best practice and the best quality printer, canvas and ink that is available.

Giclée is derived from the French word gicler which means “to squirt or spray”. It does not refer to only canvas printing but also to art reproductions on paper.

Creating Giclee prints from photos or artwork is a common way for artists and photographers to reproduce their artwork. Because the prints are a very close replica of the original art, they can be distributed or sold so that the art can be enjoyed by many people.


At Eziprint we use Canon inkjet 12 colour printers. We check and calibrate our printing machine regularly. We use quality inks. We also use quality white cotton matt canvas that weights 430gsm. We lacquer our prints to protect them from dust and UV rays. Every photo we print as a canvas, is viewed by our trained technicians and checked at every step of the process. We believe we truly do produce a Giclee canvas print.


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