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How to Make an LED Light-up Canvas Print

LED light-up canvas prints are simple and easy to make.

1. Pick a picture that has light features in it such as the fireflies in the picture above, or the Christmas lights in the picture below.

2.  Get your picture made into a canvas print with a boxline (35mm deep) frame. This is where Eziprint comes in.

3. Get a string of small LED lights. You can buy them at places like Mitre 10 or various light shops. They come with either a battery pack or a plug-in lead.  For $5 Eziprint can also supply a 2 meter long copper wire and LED light set, with a battery pack. It is suitable for a canvas from approximately 203mm x 304mm (8 inches x 12 inches) up to 304mm x 406mm (12 x 16 inches). One set of batteries will last about 48 hours if running non-stop.

4. Hold the canvas up to the light with the back facing you. This way you will be able to see where the light features are (such as the Christmas lights in the picture below). Use a pencil to mark where these light features are.

5. Tape the LED lights to the back of the canvas, over the areas you marked with your pencil. Double sided sticky tape is good for this purpose, or even Sellotape.

Now turn off the house lights, turn on your LED lights, and enjoy your handiwork!

If you want to get adventurous, use different coloured lights such as pink or blue to create a different effect.

Note: If you would like to try this activity, Eziprint can supply the two pictures shown, complete with a battery powered string of LED lights. Just go to our “Art Supplies” page to order.

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