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14 Canvas Print Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Trying to think of something to give Mum on her special day?

Photos on canvas are always a great gift that will hang on her wall and remind her, every day, that she is special and loved. Canvas prints also make a home look beautiful and they are usually a reminder of a happy event or time. These are all great reasons why Mum will love them.

We’ve put together these 14 canvas print ideas to help you decide which photo to use for her special Mother’s Day canvas.

1. Portrait of her Children

happy children
This is always a winner with Mums. They love pictures of their kids and reminders of those special family moments!

Whether they’re current photos of the children or snaps from when they were younger, these are great for any wall in the house!

2. Portrait of Her

girl with umbrella
You can pick a photo that she likes of herself, or have her pose for a photo just for the occasion. Or you could get a professional photographer to take a portrait photo.

The key here is to chose a photo of your Mum that she likes!

3. Mum doing one of her Favourite Things

horse and rider on a beach
What is her happy place? This could be horse riding, fishing, gardening or whatever she does that she truly enjoys.

4. Picture of something she Loves

adorable fluffy dog on a beach Maybe she loves her garden, or her motorbike, or her dog.

5. A Family portrait.

Family Photo
A photo of all of her family is always something a mother will enjoy seeing on her walls. You might already have a photo that she likes, or you could take one especially for Mother’s Day.

6. Words…

I heart U message
You can write “We Love You” in the sand, or on paper, or a black board. Anywhere really. Then photograph it and get it printed on canvas to hang on her wall.

Simple but something your mother will cherish for years to come.

7. Photograph the children holding a mother’s Day message.

child with 'happy mother's day' message

Print the photo on canvas to hang on her wall as a daily reminder

8. A group of canvas prints of each member of her family.

Small childEl Hombrea boyMum

Include her photo of course!

9. A group of prints of adventures she has had in her life

hot air ballonsperson sitting on top of mountainbiking in the desert

These will be a fabulous reminder for her of some of the fun times she has had & inspiration for the adventures to come!

10. If she is an artist…

a vase with flowers
…why not get one of her pictures photographed and put on to canvas!

11. A Print of her Favourite Place in NZ (or overseas).

A hut by an alpine lake
It could be a photo that she is in, or a photo of her favourite place without anyone in it.

12. A beautiful print of something she would enjoy hanging on her wall.

You can find free pictures that you can use for anything at

13. Words on top of Photo

happy mother's day heart
You can take a photo of something (or someone) and then photoshop words such as “Happy Mother’s Day” onto the photo.

Eziprint can do this for you if you don’t have a photoshop-type programme. Once it’s done, have the whole image put onto canvas.

14. Photograph a picture or card a child has made and put the artwork on canvas.

child's drawing with message
This is a fabulous long-term way of preserving the picture.

The child will love seeing their art on the wall and mum will be amazed.

I hope this has given you some inspiration. Send us your photo and together we can make Mother’s Day special for the wonderful Mother or wife in your life.

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5 Ways to Hang your Canvas Prints

man hangs canvas

Canvas prints come in all shapes and sizes and are a great way to capture memories and decorate your favourite spaces. The right print in the right place can transform the look and feel of a room.

But what’s the best way to fix your canvas print to the wall? Surprising as it may seem, there are a number of methods – one of which will suit your particular situation.

1. Hook and Cord

You can put a hook in the wall and attach a cord to the back of the canvas. This is the traditional way to hang pictures. Eziprint can put a cord on the print for you, or you can do it yourself. To do it yourself: Buy 2 D-rings from a hardware store. Screw them in to the frame (on the back of the picture) 1/3 from the top of the picture. Tie your cord to the D-rings. Hang your picture on a picture hook. This is the best way to hang large prints.

2. Velcro Strips

Attaching canvas print to wallYou can use Velcro strips to hang the prints flat against the wall. If you get the right brand, these strips can be removable. This means there will be no marks on the wall when you remove the picture. The print sitting flat against the wall can suit many styles of wall display. This suits small or medium canvas prints.

3. Nails

For small or medium size prints, you can put one or two nails in the wall and hang the print directly on to the nails. Just make sure the part of the nail that sticks out of the wall is shorter than the depth of the frame, otherwise it will touch the canvas and may damage it.

4. Shelf

You can sit the canvas print on a shelf. This works better if the print is small.

5. Suspended

Canvas prints suspended on cords

For something different, you can hang cords on the wall and then attach the prints to the cord.
You can suspend the print by one or two cords. Attach the cord to the print using packaging tape on the back of the print.


We can turn your favourite digital photos into lasting works of art that will enhance any room.

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